Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head, slip into my lover's hands
Kiss me oh won't you kiss me now, and sleep I would inside your mouth
Don't be us too shy, for knowing it's no big surprise
That I will wait for you, I will wait for no one but you
Dave Matthews Band - Lover Lay Down

Saturday, September 11

Movin' on up...

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Well, I've missed blogging in my absence, but Blogger was pissing me off beyond belief, and the oh-so-fanfuckingtastic mup was super wonderful, and set me up with a new blog home!

Can you believe it?! I can now blog freely, and not be stuck staring at Blogger's "publishing in progress" screen, that doesn't actually publish. At least not for the most part.

So, walk on over to my new home...and be sure to do it a-la George Jefferson, or I may not letcha in.

Be sure to update your blogroll/bookmarks/favourites.